GiveBIG has extended another day!

Sometimes one day isn't enough. GiveBIG has been extended another day!
The Mountaineers The Mountaineers
May 03, 2016
GiveBIG has extended another day!

GiveBIG has been extended another day!

Due to technical difficulties with the GiveBIG platform, the Seattle Foundation has extended the GiveBIG campaign by one more day.

Don’t worry, we won’t fill your email inbox with more asks for donations. But we will recap our GiveBIG stories that we shared over the past few weeks!!

Give Big today!

Brendan Leonard - "I’m not sure what it is about the mountains that’s different from other hobbies or things people do in their spare time, but they become such a part of who we are, not just a thing we do. Our adventures affect us, and become part of our personal story. They give us the capacity to dream big when we’re not out there, and feel small when we are out there." Read more.

MaizaMaiza Lima
- "Growing up in the warm, humid jungles of Brazil and eventually making my home in Washington, I never thought the mountains — particularly snow and glaciers — would be where I would find inspiration. Over the past three years, I've had so many memorable climbs where people of all skill levels with different talents and types of jobs, have set their differences aside and come together to enjoy the outdoors." Read more.

Beth RoddenBeth Rodden - "I didn’t have something like The Mountaineers around when I was growing up, but I was lucky enough to have parents who valued the mountains and all of their teachings and offerings. I couldn’t imagine my life without access and knowledge of how to play and preserve our natural environment, nor could I imagine our son’s life without it. The Mountaineers provides the opportunity for youth, regardless of ability to pay, and families to experience something that they wouldn’t have been able to before. They give them the tools and ability to see, touch, and feel all the wonders that nature provides. And without the younger generation having the respect and love for our natural world, there will be no one left to fight to preserve and protect it." Read more.

Publishing Staff Helen CherulloHelen Cherullo - "As the Publisher for Mountaineers Books, I am sooooo lucky! I get to come to work each day to help people across the nation to get to know the natural world, to love it, and work to protect it. When you support The Mountaineers, you’re right there with me and with some of the most talented and inspiring artists, authors, and athletes in the outdoor industry — Brendan Leonard, Jim Whittaker, and Jennifer Lowe-Anker — helping us lead people to the lessons and joys of the great outdoors through award-winning and best-selling books."

I hope these stories inspire you to give for GiveBIG!

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