Explore Puget Sound with Tacoma's Basic Sea Kayaking Course - Begins May 2

Sign up for our upcoming Basic Sea Kayaking Course to access high-quality kayaking education, a passionate kayaking community, and a new way to explore Puget Sound.
Dan Ritter Dan Ritter
Sea Kayak Leader
March 05, 2020
Explore Puget Sound with Tacoma's Basic Sea Kayaking Course - Begins May 2
Oh the places we can go!

The Tacoma Mountaineers Basic Sea Kayaking Course is coming up - you want in?

I know you’ve seen those boats out on the water and thought, “Gee that looks so cool, I wonder if they see sea life like whales and seals?” Now's your chance to join those who have done this before and can show you cool places to paddle. In our kayaking course, you'll learn about anything you're curious about: from the waterfront on Ruston, to going under the Narrows Bridge, to surfing on the coast - all while ensuring you have a safe and successful trip. 

Our course not only offers you the needed skills to get out on the water, but provides access to a padding community, kayak surfing, exploring marine life on rocks and in caves, camping on islands, playing in currents, and much more. Kayaking is anything you want it to be, and it's great fun to paddle with friends.

Our course is taught by locals who kayak on a regular basis, and are familiar with the tides, currents, and trip planning needs in our area. With information on everything from rescues to the best spots to buy used gear (and plenty of practice clinics!), you're sure to walk away a confidant paddler part of a larger community. 

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Course Details 

  • Dates: May 2, 3, 16, 17
  • Locations: TBD - all will be in or near Tacoma 
  • Badges Earned: Basic Sea Kayaking Course 

Information Offered 

  • Trip planning 
  • Education on tides and currents 
  • Basic strokes 
  • Rescues 
  • Boat types 
  • Boat racks 
  • Gear selection 
  • And more! 

Contact Esther Ladwig for more information. 

What are the benefits of a sea kayaking badge? 

Successful graduates earn a Sea Kayaking Badge, which allows you to join Mountaineers kayaking trips. With a bevy of fun and passionate leaders, we often have a kayak trip once a week all times of year. Our kayaking community paddles all over Puget Sound, and have occasional international trips to Canada and Mexico. We look forward to paddling with you!