Deepen Your Leadership Skills with the Leadership Development Series

With only a few months remaining for the 2022-2023 Leadership Development Series season, please join us for a seminar this winter and spring!
Michelle Song Michelle Song
Volunteer Development Manager
February 19, 2023
Deepen Your Leadership Skills with the Leadership Development Series
Climbing Black Peak. By Ida Vincent

The Leadership Development Series offers high-quality, continuing education opportunities for our current and aspiring volunteer leaders and instructors. Offered mainly remotely through Zoom, with a couple in-person sessions, these seminars lean on the expertise of outdoor professionals - including experts within our community - and focus on areas of leadership development.

Each presentation falls into the following leadership development categories and badges:

The Leadership Development Series is held from October to April. Each year, we offer a variety of leadership topics that are relevant to our current and future volunteers. This includes sessions that sharpen teaching styles, strengthen our risk management planning, and support diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts in our programs.

Participants have shared their appreciation for the excellent learning environment that we fostered during the past year's series:

  • "I completed a two year AmeriCorps term as a garden educator, and am now a field mentor doing outdoor education with elementary-age youth. This activity brought 4 years of education experience together and wrapped it up with a bow. I now feel like I have words to describe my ideas and a more clear path toward being an effective outdoor leader" - participant from Craft Impactful Learning Experiences with Liz Riggs Meder on Dec 15, 2022

  • "I learned quite a bit on de-escalating situations and decision making skills." - participant from Developing Critical Decision-Making Skills with Katja Hurt on Feb 2, 2023

Join us for an Upcoming session

Keep an eye on our upcoming events to know what’s coming-up this winter through spring. More will be added soon!  Recordings will be made available for most online seminars. 

Please join us for one of the upcoming seminars! 

March 2023

Doing the Work: How to make outdoor programs more inclusive and affirming for LGBTQ+ folks

rza allen | March 13


April 2023

The Big 3: Planning For, Assessing, and Implementing Effective Instruction

Ben Brown | April 6


Is the Scene Safe: Addressing Psychological Safety

Katja Hurt | April 11


Risk Management Mindfulness: Raising Awareness of your Innate Cognitive Illusions

Paul Dreyer | April 13


How Much Longer? Exploring the Journey toward Racial Equity and Inclusion in Nature

Kriste Peoples | April 21


May 2023

Part 1: E.P.I.C. Adventures with Kids 

Katy Snyder & Kelly Hampton | DATE TBD


Part 2: E.P.I.C. Adventures with Kids (In-person in Seattle)

Katy Snyder & Kelly Hampton | DATE TBD



We are always seeking  professionals who can present on some aspect of leadership, either technical in nature or focused on "soft skills" involved with managing a group, for our Leadership Development Series! 

Have an idea for a presentation topic or a possible presenter? Please contact Michelle Song


Volunteer leadership development opportunities like this Leadership Development Series are only made possible through the generous support of our organization’s charitable donors. If you’re inspired to contribute, please consider making a donation to The Mountaineers.

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