Property Maintenance: Help Us Keep a High-Quality Presence on the Mountains

Our Outdoor Centers are always in need of loving care and we are looking for volunteer carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and those with ANY sort of building trades skills who would enjoy donating their time to our properties!
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January 23, 2015
Property Maintenance: Help Us Keep a High-Quality Presence on the Mountains

As stated in  our book "The Mountaineers: A History," the oldest of the Mountaineer's ski lodges, Meany lodge, was built in 1928. The Stevens "Ski Cabin" (as it was called at the time) opened in 1948, and Baker Lodge opened in 1959. However - let's not forget our "first in the west" forest theater on the Kitsap peninsula, which was dedicated in 1926! 

Each of these properties' committee leadership would love to have the help of people looking to help maintain and enhance the locations they steward on behalf of the organization. The properties are used by our many activity leaders to help run and administer courses, by members and the public at large who want to spend a (more comfortable) night on the mountains without long commutes, as well as our Mountaineers Players and youth programs in Kitsap County! Help us maintain our longstanding presence as stewards of the outdoors, by helping with the upkeep and improvement of our properties! 


Those with building trades skills will help maintain the properties to provide a cozy, safe, enjoyable experience for our many guests. 

 Note: if you're interested in hosting or cooking at one of our other lodges, let us know that too! Here is some information about Baker Lodge Hosting, doing the same at Meany, and Stevens Lodge is also welcoming of volunteer help as well (although there is an application process and waiting list for volunteers currently)! 


  • Evaluate construction needs of the lodge and work with the lodge chairman or mid-week work party chairman to develop a project plan (each lodge has varying levels of expertise and a clear picture of what they are looking to achieve). 

  • Participate in work parties to accomplish complicated projects (for example, they are generally  once a month Tuesdays through Thursday at Meany from June through October, when you can drive to the lodge). However, each lodge committee can work with you to utilize your talents on a schedule that works is convenient! Here are the targeted dates for work parties this year (so far!): 
  1. May 26th  - 28th (all Tuesdays & thru Thursday)
  2. June - 23th - 25th   
  3. July - 7th - 9th
  4. August - 18th - 20th
  5. September - 8th - 10th
  6. October - 13th - 15th
  • Bask in the glory of your construction being admired by many for years to come and become part of the Mountaineers tradition!

Some examples of the type of work that is needed at Meany include

Maintaining the Fire Escapes: 

Meany Fires Escapes Image

 Rebuilding the bunks: 

Meany Bunk Beds Project

Replacing the water tanks and placing a protective sheath around them AND...

We have a current need for someone to lay 2 ft squares of indoor/outdoor carpeting on possibly uneven floor in two rooms.

Support and Resources to the Volunteer

Each property has a current cadre of volunteers who have helped maintain them and would be willing to assist with new projects. There are also some tools available for use, depending on the work involved. 

SPC Construction Image

Timelines and Length of service

As agreed by the committee leadership and you! The goal, however, is to ensure that work is completed as planned and not left "in process" for longer than is absolutely necessary. 

Qualifications Sought

  • The primary qualification for this work is having building trade experience working in older buildings and being able to solve construction problems.
  • All trades are welcome! Carpenters are the most commonly sought-after tradespeople, but let us know how you can help! We can use electricians, flooring experts, roofers, plumbers, masonry experts, arborists, etc. etc. 

Getting started

To join team Meany,  contact the.  They will get you connected with the crew!

Contact the Baker Lodge Committee through

To get in touch with the Kitsap Cabin/Forest Theater Chair, email

If you have interest in working at Stevens Lodge, they have a number of skilled professionals already involved - but feel free to pitch in! to get involved. 


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