Lodge Cook: Host our Guests like only The Mountaineers can

The cook at Meany Lodge feeds our hungry, skiing guests. This work is critical to the reputation of Meany as the place to be if you're going skiing. Our food philosophy at Meany is “If you leave here hungry, it’s your fault.”
Chris Williams Chris Williams
January 23, 2015
Lodge Cook: Host our Guests like only The Mountaineers can
Look how happy she is!

Meany lodge is the oldest of the Mountaineer's ski lodges. Situated near the meandering Yakima River, and surrounded by the lush, peaceful Wenatchee National Forest, it is a welcome respite from the chaos of cities and commercial ski areas. Its committee leadership would love to extend an invitation to all people looking to contribute to The Mountaineers through hosting at the Lodge and helping make the guest experience one of the best they will have all winter. 

Goal of Position

The cook at Meany Lodge feeds hungry skiers and his or her work is critical to the reputation of this Mountaineers institutionOur food philosophy at Meany is “If you leave here hungry, it’s your fault!”

 Note: if you're interested in hosting or cooking at one of our other lodges, let us know that too! Here is some information about Baker Lodge Hosting and Stevens Lodge is also welcoming of volunteer help as well! 


  • Bask in the glory of being everyone’s favorite cook, having prepared tasty & hearty meals for a crowd of hungry and appreciative skiers
  • Plan a menu based on guest count & dietary needs
  • Purchase food and follow established process for reimbursement
  • Prepare & supervise the preparation of meals

Support and Resources to the Volunteer

This is a true team effort with a long history and culture that will ease the transition of any new person into the role. The current cadre of Meany cooks will partner with any new cook to help them be successful. Our cooks will share recipes and techniques to help the budding chef be successful in their new venture.

Image of people learning how to cook at Meany

Cooks frequently partner to prepare food for the weekend alternating meals to allow each other time to ski.

At Meany everyone signs up to help prepare, serve or clean up after meals. The cook’s real job is to supervise and direct volunteers doing the chopping, stirring, etc.

Meany cooks earn a ‘Meany Freebie’ for each revenue event (aka "Winter weekend" or other lodge event). These freebies can be exchanged for free attendance at winter weekends.  Cooks sometimes cash in their freebie by bringing a guest with them when they cook. The cook always stays free at Meany lodge!

Timelines and Length of service

Meany cooks can cooks can sign up to cook for any winter weekend or other lodge event.  Most cooks try to cook alternate weekends. 

Cooks frequently start by cooking for a fall or summer work party to get used to the kitchen layout, available resources and effect of altitude (3,000 ft.) on some recipes (learn high altitude cooking!). 

Qualifications Sought

  • The primary qualification for this work is to be willing to plan and prepare meals for a hungry crowd
  • It is helpful if the Meany cook has experience planning and preparing meals for large groups.  Our cadre of cooks will teach these skills to the willing volunteer.  
  • Experience preparing food for various specialty diets is helpful, but can be learned on the job.
  • Our cooks will be supervising others in the preparation of meals and must follow appropriate safe food handling procedures.  Meany cooks must have a county issued Food Service Handlers card.  This card is available via an online course and test from your local county Health Department.  We will reimburse you for this expense with your first food purchase for Meany.  

Getting started

If you’re interested in joining the band of brothers and sisters that keep Meany fed, contact the lodge chair, Chuck Welter via

The first step in the process will be to join us for a weekend at Meany to see how the kitchen works and how the lodge operates.  Then you can sign up to cook whenever the lodge is open.  We operate weekends January through mid-March.  Then we’re open for group rentals and work parties weekends and mid-week.


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