Celebrate Earth Day April 22

At The Mountaineers, it's no secret we love Mother Earth. Join us in celebrating her this Earth Day - April 22 - and every day! #mountieslowimpact
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April 19, 2017
Celebrate Earth Day April 22

Earth Day is this Saturday, April 22, and we have se several ways for you to show your appreciation for Mother Earth this weekend. Join us for a stewardship activity, and please help us champion our low impact skills while you’re getting outside!


Shermer-Deschutes Preserve | Apr 21

Help conserve the wetlands, riparian areas, and upland forests in this preserve recently acquired by Captiol Land Trust.

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Shadow Lake Nature Preserve | Apr 22

Learn about and preform restoration in a beautiful and complex wetland system.

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Thornton A Sullivan Park | Apr 22

Join The Mountaineers in supporting Green Everett as they work to preserve this beautiful forested park.

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Wynoochee Lake | Apr 23

Join The Mountaineers and Washington Trails Association (WTA) for a day of maintenance on the lovely Wynoochee Lakeshore Trail.

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Low Impact Skills

If you’ve taken any of our classes recently, then you may be familiar with our Low Impact Recreation skills videos and have already earned your Low Impact Recreation Travel badge. At The Mountaineers, we believe exploring the outdoors is an essential piece of the human experience. Our Low Impact Recreation Skills are designed to be used in tandem with other technical skills you learn along the way, like tying knots or using an ice ax for self-arrest.

If you head out on the trails this weekend, show us your smartest Low Impact Travel Skills and use the hashtag #mountieslowimpact on social media! Whether you keep your group size to a minimum, camp on a durable surface, or traipse through mud and snow in order to avoid widening the trails, let others know you’re actively working to protect the wilderness for future generations.

National Parks Week

In addition to Earth Day, this weekend falls during National Park Week, so admission to our National Parks is free! Need any more reasons to get outside and celebrate Mother Earth? Didn’t think so! But just in case, here's an inspirational piece from Mountaineers Books author Craig Romano.