Basic Hiking Skills Course - May 6 & 8

This information-packed course will provide you with the resources and tools you need for a lifetime of safe, successful, and rewarding days on our amazing trails.
Dee Ann Kline Parkinson Dee Ann Kline Parkinson
Hike Leader & Super Volunteer
March 11, 2019
Basic Hiking Skills Course - May 6 & 8

Are you an experienced hiker/backpacker? Or maybe a a new hiker/backpacker? Someone who has  hiked or backpacked in the past and wants to become active again? Regardless of where you're starting, this two-evening course has something for you. It's designed for both new hikers or for people who have hiked before but want to step up their game with an introduction to safe hiking in the Pacific Northwest.

Experienced hike and backpack leaders will cover tips and tricks learned over years of outdoor recreation and allow you a glimpse into their own backpacks. You will learn about finding hikes, choosing gear, avoiding common trail hazards, and hiking safely and courteously.

Topics include:

  • Finding a hike for your fitness and skill level
  • Preparation including gear and clothing
  • Low Impact practices and trail etiquette
  • Common trail hazards and emergency preparedness

Course Info

Monday, May 6 and Wednesday, May 8, 2019 | 6-9pm
Olympia Center (222 Columbia Street NW), Olympia, WA
$30 for members; scholarships available

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