Baker Lodge Photography Weekend - August 10-12

Join the Photography & Naturalists Committees for a weekend of fun and connecting with other Mountaineers members at Baker Lodge.
Anita Elder Anita Elder
Seattle Photography Committee Chair & Super Volunteer
July 31, 2018
Baker Lodge Photography Weekend - August 10-12

The photography and naturalists committees have teamed up for a weekend of events at Baker Lodge. This is a great opportunity to share our love of the outdoors together and develop an enhanced sense of connection.

To participate in the weekend activities, you will want to sign up to stay at Baker lodge for all, or part, of the weekend.

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Friday, August 10

Skyline Divide | Naturalists hike

Skyline divide rewards the hiker with miles of ridge walking with views and flowers. The way up is heavily switch-backed, but the meadows on top are magical and flower diversity is high.



Saturday, August 11

Picture Lake Loop | Photography

Photograph the sunrise at Picture Lake with Mt. Shuksan reflected on the water.


Partial Chain Lakes Loop and Ptarmigan Ridge | Photography & Naturalists

Photograph the views/scenery on this shorter hike; maybe we’ll see some mountain goats.


Chain Lakes Loop | Naturalists hike

Close to the Mt. Baker lodge this hike traverses several enticing lakes with wildflower meadows, views and scree. Can be done as a loop or as a shorter hike. Starts high and stays high.


Lake Ann near Mt. Shuksan | Naturalists hike

Join Tom Bancroft on this hike that begins near the lodge and ends at magical Lake Anne.


Artist Point Night Sky | Photography

We will be setting up at Artist Point to take photos of the Milky Way and night sky over Mt. Baker


Note: Naturalists are welcome to join Rich Lawrence at Artist Point for stargazing – no registration required.


Sunday, August 12

Yellow Aster Butte | Naturalists Hike

Full of flowers all the way up, with tarns, meadows and views.


Hannegan Pass | Naturalists hike

We will hike to the Pass which is a little over 2000 feet of climb. We will go slow looking for flowers, butterflies, trees, and nature in general.


Bagley Creek Loop | Photography & Naturalists

Photography scenery and check out wildflowers along the Bagley Creek Loop trail near Heather Meadows.



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