Bad Movie Night - Aug 18, 2016

Join The Mountaineers and Arc'teryx at the Seattle Clubhouse on August 18 to enjoy the worst climbing movie we can find.
Kristina Ciari Tursi Kristina Ciari Tursi
August 03, 2016
Bad Movie Night  - Aug 18, 2016

The Mountaineers pioneered alpine climbing in North America. Join us on August 18, 2016, to revel in the terrible ways climbing has been portrayed in the movies ever since. The "Arc'teryx Bad Movie Night" is the premier event you didn't know you wanted! 

This will be our fourth "outdoor movie inside" and it's always a good time. Don't believe us? Check out this "Trip Report" our friend Dru wrote after watching Cliffhanger!

Our movies are always voted on by YOU - the people. This time you've made a masterful choice: K2.

The Mountaineers will provide the movie and popcorn and we'll have a bad raffle (bring cash for additional tickets), and even a few things to win courtesy of Arc'teryx. Plan to BYOE (bring your own everything): food, lawn chairs/beanbags/therm-a-rests/anything to sit on, and of course your best heckling. SERIOUSLY PEOPLE: we are giving you a floor, a movie, and some popcorn. If you want something to sit on besides your tush you'll need to bring it.

Doors open at 6pm. Movie and heckling starts at 7pm. Arrive early to get a good seat, visit with your friends, and stuff your face with popcorn! If we reach capacity, preference will be given to those RSVP'd on our website. This event is FREE, but you can RSVP via the ticket link. No a member with us? No problem - sign up for free as a guest member to secure your spot: The movie of choice has been determined by YOU and will be Vertical Limit! 



Do I have to pay?
NO! The event is FREE! No need to RSVP, however capacity is capped at 300. To guarantee your spot visit our event link. Not a member? Sign up for a guest membership to secure your spot. But do bring cash for the raffle, beer, and popcorn donations.

Is this outside?
Nope. It's "outdoor movie" style, but held inside our Goodman Auditorium.

What's the seating like?
WE WILL NOT HAVE CHAIRS. We assume you'll be bringing your tush - or something more comfortable to sit on. The front area is reserved for those with very low chairs or people sitting on the ground/a thermarest/a crashpad. The back area is reserved for those with camp chairs, etc. Each movie we raffle off a seat on our couches.

What should I bring?
This is a BYOE event - bring everything you will want. Food, seats, and cash if you want to up your odds in the "bad raffle". We will have FREE popcorn.

When you say “everything,” does that mean I can bring my own alcohol?
Nope. Sorry. We used to allow that but we can't anymore because: liquor laws. See also: we want to host this again and again and again and can't if we don't get the right permits. BUT Rainier Brewing Co. is a generous sponsor and we’ll be selling tall boys (16oz) for $2.00 each! What a deal! They’re awesome. We’re awesome. And you’re awesome for supporting The Mountaineers!

Can I bring my kids?
This is probably NOT a child friendly event. The movies are generally PG13 or greater and we are guessing your snarky comments will be rated R.

Tell me about the parking situation.
Parking is abundant and FREE at our Seattle Program Center

And you said Arc'teryx will be there? And Rainier Beer?
Yup! Arc'teryx is the main sponsor of this event and really had made it possible for us to host. THANK YOU Arc'teryx. Be sure to visit their booth to be entered into a special raffle for a $2k Arc'teryx kit. We'll have some bad raffle items too so bring cash if you want extra raffle tickets. And Rainier Beer stepped up to offer cheap beer for you to enjoy with our bad movie. Thanks Rainier Beer!

Anything else I should know?
We strongly encourage bad climbing outfits (or costumery of any kind really). Do your worst.

Cliffhanger - A Trip Report

By Dru Brozovich

Ok is my trip report for this movie we watched last night. If you were there, you'll hopefully appreciate this.

Rocky Mountains
Location: Colorado (or Italy)
Length: 1 day, 1 night, apparently
Elevation: 14,259
Elevation Gain: Pretty sure it was 34,000 feet overall. Check the GPS tracker map included. 
Rating: 4 Stars

Cliffhanger Trip Report

Our trip started when one of my co-workers received a distress call from a group of hikers apparently stranded out near one of the major areas of the 265,761 acres of the portion of the Rockies in Durango, CO. For this trip report I'll do my best to spare you any personal drama, but I kind of am responsible for my ex-best friends girlfriend's death 8 months previous in the park. Take the old forest road to the trail and proceed to "Merle's Peak".

The first portion of the climb involved meeting my ex-best friend, Hal, out on some random ledge that was a 5+ technical climb. If you choose to take this route from the ranger station, it will take you around 2 days to approach and climb, unless you're me which it took around 23 minutes, give or take a few. Once at the ledge, it's a quick trip to the top at "Sesna Landing" to rendevous with the missing group, which may or may not to turn out to be international heist terrorists. This would be a great place to refill your water and have a snack.

For the next 87 miles, take the ledge route where you should split up with your group to again climb a super technical cliff above. If you see a giant snow and ice overhang you're in the right spot. Conditions can be tricky here however and snowstorms can blast this part of the park, but nowhere else. More specific, this one cliff. As you perform the climb you'll want to keep going upward, especially once you're presumed dead in an avalanche, while retrieving "some of the ten essentials" as the English group leader explained. At the top, maybe, you'll reach an old abandoned rangers station.

During this time you'll meet up with your ex-girlfriend and you can explain which route the rest of the group will be going, which will be two more points of interest. This will be a perfect time to find "Money Cave" and burn a pile of money and camp for the night. You will have a long day ahead of you in the morning.

At sunrise, get a head start to meet the other group, which may or may not have slept at all out in the cold. From the alpine conditions of the previous night, you will want to head to the top of the left peak, which only parts of it will be covered in snow. The best route will be the western cave route but watch out for bats and irritable terrorists, which make make the initial climb impassible. You will want to use your ice axe if you're unable to pass though to the top directly.

After what seems to be non-stop elevation gain, and then traversing down off the mountain and back up, you'll reach an old bridge which you'll want to cross, but be aware of explosives. If the bridge blows, take the Frank route back down around the mountain, through the cave and back up to meet with the group. This should only take about 45 minutes. If you see husky dogs that are supposed to be wolves eating an extreme cliff jumper in a tree, you went too far.

Finally after a long day of constant up and down, and murdering a corrupt treasury agent, you'll meet with your now once again best friend along the middle of the mountain bridge, which will resemble a candy house. If you fall through the ice into the water, you know you're on the right path. You and your friend, will now go back up to the summit ridge, to meet with Jon Lithgow and transportation which is arranged to escort you back down. If this fails or you get into a fistfight on the side of the mountain, allow him to fall to his death and meet back up with your now once again girlfriend and best friend at the summit. Enjoy the stunning panoramic views of the Rockies, which may or may not actually be Cortina d'Ampezzo, Dolomites, Italy. Allow 3 hours for Federal agents to transport you to your ranger station. All in all it's a great weekend climb, perfect for anyone of climbing levels, especially if you are able to climb super technically without gear or rope.

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