Trip Report    

Day Hike - Alaska Lake

Beautiful fall colors on a blue sky day. The lake was beautiful with the peaks reflected in the water.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • The route begins with a mile on a dirt road.  The next four miles are on a maintained trail with moderate elevation gain, but there is quite a bit of blowdown. A year ago, we did not need water shoes. Recent trip reports talked about wading and getting water in their  boots. So I asked for water shoes. We did not use them, but had to be very careful crossing the creek. Then the the trail climbs over 1,000 ft. in less than a mile. Much of this is on a boulder field.  There is mud and more blowdown before the outlet. We had a very capable group and everyone did fine. The traill is not 14 mi. RT as stated on WTA, more likely 12.5. Still a strenous trip.

Lots of parking at 8 am, NW pass required. We saw very few people on this sunny  Saturday, most likely because it is a tough trail. The fall color is good, only the slide alder hasn't turned yet. It looks like fall is two weeks ahead of last year. There were a few flowers, mostly Penstemon. Lots of fungi for the mycologists in the group. We heard Pika on the boulder fields.

Some people in the group had seen Alaska Lake from the PCT and were happy to see it from  lake level. It is a pretty lake and the peaks were reflected in the water. It was a great lunch spot.

Alpine lake below peaks.