Making Invisible Injuries Visible: Experiences of Concussion, Grief and Depression


Making Invisible Injuries Visible: Experiences of Concussion, Grief and Depression - Online Classroom

Evening online webinar on navigating a concussion, grief and depression with Natasha Buffo

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6:00pm - 7:00pm PST via Zoom Meeting
Meeting link will be sent to registered attendees the day of the session.

content warning: triggering language and discussion of trauma.

please note this webinar is mainly a presentation and interactivity will be minimal but there will be a Q&A  at the end of the presentation. 


Have you, or someone you know, navigated through something debilitating that left no physical scars? Join us for this vulnerable account of a few of the seemingly invisible experiences, what it was like in the thick of them, and how others helped.

This presentation will share personal experiences through depression, grief, and a serious concussion. The stories will focus on the internal journey - the part that others do not see and is rarely talked about. There will be examples of how friends and loved ones might judge symptoms as offensive or how they try to help. We’ll talk about triggering language/objects and the trauma that continues to affect one’s future decisions. Most importantly, we’ll examine what works and how others can actively support. The session will end with questions from the audience.


After the course:

  • Leaders will gain empathy for people who might experience an invisible injury, like concussion grief, or depression.
  • Leaders will have examples of what can be helpful in these situations and can better help others navigate through them in the future.


Natasha Buffo is a former business analyst for Google, turned outdoor adventurer, community mental health facilitator, and creative non-fiction writer. When not at her desk, you’ll find her pedaling one of her bikes everywhere, backpacking the Sierra Nevada Mountains, trail running in the rain, kayaking on calm alpine lakes, or snowboarding with friends. In addition to her shorter works in GearJunkie, Fleet Feet Blog, Tahoe Quarterly, SISU Magazine, and more, she's written a manuscript about her time as a world trekker turned caregiver for her mom. When she’s not exploring U.S. public lands, or cultures abroad, she resides in South Lake Tahoe, California. Follow her on Instagram @dirtandtears or check out her website


Required Equipment

Required Equipment

Computer or device (preferably with a speaker and camera), as well as high-speed internet.

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