Craft Impactful Learning Experiences


Craft Impactful Learning Experiences - Online Classroom

Online webinar on impactful learning experiences with Liz Riggs Meder. Use tools employed by marketers and classroom teachers to craft and deliver impactful learning experiences. A Leadership Development Series presentation.

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7:00-8:30pm PST via Zoom Meeting
Meeting link will be sent to registered attendees the day of the session.

When you only have a few days in the field with students, it’s crucial to establish an inclusive learning environment to deliver material and manage risk effectively. This presentation will cover best practices for creating effective, inclusive lesson plans that meet learners’ needs and contribute to better risk management throughout a program. Participants will finish the session with a template and concrete strategies for building productive learning environments in the classroom and the field.


Liz Riggs Meder is the Director of Recreational Programs at AIARE, an avalanche education non-profit that writes research-based curriculum and trains instructors to teach their curriculum. She is responsible for the development and delivery of AIARE’s Recreational Education programs, which includes curriculum development, managing the instructor training program, and overall program delivery and evaluation. Liz is an AIARE Instructor, occasionally works as guide on the mountains and volcanoes of the Cascades, and holds an M.Ed from the University of Washington. A learning and cognitive science nerd, Liz loves combining her education interests with her love of traveling through the mountains.

Lead Image: Meany Patrol Race @ Meany Lodge, 2017. By: Rick Mead


Required Equipment

Required Equipment

Computer or device (preferably with a speaker and camera), as well as high-speed internet.

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