Part 1: E.P.I.C. Adventures with Kids - Online Classroom

Lecture: E.P.I.C. Adventures with Kids

Part 1: E.P.I.C. Adventures with Kids - Online Classroom

Part one of an optional two-part series with Katy Snyder and Kelly Hampton on working with youth in the outdoors. In this session, participants will learn how to have a successful trip with youth outdoors

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6:00-8:00pm PST via Zoom Meeting
Meeting link will be sent to registered attendees on the day of the session.

Have you been wanting to learn more tips on how to have a successful trip with youth outdoors? Have you been wanting to volunteer with youth programs? Are you a parent or caregiver who wants your children to love the outdoors as much as you do? If you answered yes to any of these questions, come join our seminar. Part 1 will be online only and presented through Zoom. 

Kelly Hampton and Katy Snyder will be sharing their experiences, knowledge, and pro tips on how to take youth outdoors and have a successful day for all involved! We will be focusing on preschool and elementary age youth, but many of the concepts we will discuss apply to youth of all ages. During our virtual presentation, we will establish what “having fun” outdoors means; discuss how to set expectations; create a fail-proof checklist before you head outside; recognize how developmental stages play a part in the journey; provide fun tips and tricks; and discuss scenarios related to youth in the outdoors. 

Hybrid Series

This is part 1 of a two part series. Part 2 will be in-person and teach you games and help you add to your toolbox of fun activities to do with kids outdoors. You are not required to attend both, but we definitely encourage you to join us at both seminars!


 E.P.I.C Adventures with Kids is a 2-part training—however you can attend either workshop if you are unable to participate in both. Each workshop will also include 1 voluntary breakout group. If you have any questions or requests, please contact the Michelle Song at directly

Part 1: Online through Zoom on  April 26, 6-8pm PST 
Part 2: In-person at The Seattle Program Center, Cascade A and B on May 10, 6-8pm PST


Kelly Hampton

Kelly Hampton is a preschool and early elementary educator and a parent coach in Seattle, WA. She holds a deep passion for empowering children’s natural curiosity, imagination, and sense of discovery. As a parent coach she helps caregivers discover their path to parenting with dignity, respect, and compassion, while finding joy along the way. Kelly discovered first hand the true power of fresh air and uneven ground while teaching preschoolers and watching the ways it calmed and centered their minds and bodies. Since then Kelly has become a true advocate for getting families outside. In addition to participating in the Mountaineers youth program with one of her daughters, Kelly’s family loves to ski, hike, camp, and play outside—even if it’s raining. 

Katy Snyder

Katy is an outdoor enthusiast, people-person, and visual designer. She was born and raised in Seattle, but considers Ireland to be her second home after living there for one year post graduation (6 months as an au pair for three elementary age youth). Her passion for the outdoors was born in high school when she joined The Mountaineers, becoming a founding member and president of the Mountaineers Adventure Club (MAC). Since then, she has led dozens of technical outdoor excursions in the backcountry for youth ages 5 and up, encouraging curiosity and exploration. These trips have ranged from snow play days with the younger ones to week-long climbing trips with college students and anywhere in between. When adventuring and traveling, she loves immersing herself in unfamiliar cultures; finding peaks to summit; sketching the sites; meeting locals and eating their cuisine (including Labskaus in Germany and Crni Rižot in Croatia); and consuming ice cream almost everywhere she goes.


Required Equipment

Required Equipment

  • Computer or device (preferably with a speaker and camera), as well as high-speed internet.
  • Enthusiasm to channel your inner child :)
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