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Bumpy Waters lead to a 3-Capsize Paddle

Gale force winds from the NW were forecasted so our kayak trip was changed to Hope Island in Skagit Bay, hoping for some protection from the NW wind. Read more…

Quick Reminder - September. Hibox. Hornets.

A lovely September day for a scramble of Hibox, and
nothing very important, just that we encountered:

multiple hornet nests
with multiple hornets
stinging multiple scramblers
multiple times

Expert Team Assesses Fixed Anchors on Forbidden Peak

Written by Joe Sambataro, Northwest Regional Director for The Access Fund Read more…

Mt. St. Helens Backpack Challenge: Keep from leading a Kindergarten Field Trip

June 27
Loowit Trail, Mt St Helens, South Fork Toutle River Crossing

Injuries: None
Cause of Accident/Incident: Navigation challenge & Party Split Read more…

The Risk of Familiarity

November 2 - The Tooth/South Face
Injury: None.  
Cause: A number of converging factors.
Read more…

A slip on snow, a grab of the pack, trees escape a bruising

April 27 - Guye Peak - Scramble
Injury:  None
Cause: Slip on snow  Read more…

Going Blind on Mount Hood

Mt Hood Palmer Glacier
Injury: Corneal Edema causing blindness in one eye
Cause: Lasik Surgery, altitude, drying wind Read more…

How To: Follow A Climbing Code

Freedom8Cover.pngMany years ago, The Mountaineers devised a set of guidelines to help people conduct themselves safely in the mountains. Based on careful observation of the habits of skilled climbers and a thoughtful analysis of accidents, those guidelines have served well not only for climbers but for all wilderness travelers. Read more…