Bumpy Waters lead to a 3-Capsize Paddle

For us kayakers, it was pretty minor as we drill on capsize rescues all the time. For a Shore-watcher, it was time to call the Coast Guard for a Helicopter check.
David Shema David Shema
September 05, 2014
Bumpy Waters lead to a 3-Capsize Paddle
North Skagit Bay map

Gale force winds from the NW were forecasted so our kayak trip was changed to Hope Island in Skagit Bay, hoping for some protection from the NW wind.

We launched at 9:30 from Cornet Bay, near Deception Pass. Everyone made it to Ala Spit with no incidents but the group was nervous at the bumpy water.

On the crossing from Ala Spit to Hope Island, one participant had trouble controlling his kayak and ended up capsizing. He was rescued without incident although someone on shore did call the Coast Guard who sent a helicopter out to check.

This participant capsized again before making it to Hope Island and it was clear that he did not have the confidence to keep his kayak upright. We towed him to Hope Island and reconnected with the other participants. We made it to the campsite on the north side of Hope Island.

When we launched from Hope Island, the same participant capsized for the third time, and it was necessary to set up a rafted tow.

We made it to Sne-oosh Point where we ended the trip. Four people stayed at Sne-oosh for pick-up by Kayak Academy.

The rest of us paddled back to Cornet Bay to catch our ride . We eventurally reunited  and ended the day at the Skagit River Brewery.

For kayaking, it was pretty minor as we drill on rescues all the time. But someone did call the Coast Guard so wanted to be sure we reported it!

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Chris Williams
Chris Williams says:
Sep 19, 2014 11:00 AM

Glad all went well and thank you for reporting!