Get to Know Danielle Graham, Foothills Safety Officer

Learn more about the branch leaders and activity committees that make our Foothills Branch thrive. This month, meet Foothills Safety Officer, Danielle Graham.
Lori Heath Lori Heath
Foothills Communications Volunteer
June 08, 2024
Get to Know Danielle Graham, Foothills Safety Officer
Photo courtesy of Danielle Graham.

Danielle Graham joined The Mountaineers in 2016. She enjoys being outside with the club in almost every activity. In addition to serving as the Foothills Safety Officer, Danielle currently leads the Foothills Women’s Scramble course and represents The Mountaineers as a member of Outdoor Alliance's Grasstops Collective, a new leadership development and advocacy training program. Past leadership roles include co-leading the Intro to the Natural World course, serving as an At-Large member of the Foothills Branch Council, and chairing the Foothills Cross Country Ski Committee.

Danielle was appointed to her position as Safety Officer by the Foothills Branch Council, and she serves as the Foothills Branch representative to The Mountaineers Safety Committee. As Foothills Safety Officer, Danielle’s primary goal is to promote a culture of safety within the branch. She works cooperatively with activity committees, as well as activity participants and leaders, to identify areas where safety can be improved and then disseminate findings to the entire Mountaineers community to reduce incidents and accidents to the lowest possible level.

There are two parts of the Safety Officer role that are particularly rewarding for Danielle. First, she enjoys interacting with members who file incident reports and sees this part of her role as a fantastic opportunity to connect with members of The Mountaineers. She feels she can help these members by being a good listener, but she also appreciates all the wonderfully thought-out "Lessons Learned" she’s gleaned. Second, Danielle finds interacting with fellow Safety Officers extremely rewarding, especially learning how they respond to incident reports and share the knowledge gained back out to their committees. 

Danielle is always happy to answer questions from anyone interested in the Foothills Branch Safety Officer role.

The best way to become familiar with the Branch Council is to attend a Branch Council meeting. These meetings are open to all Foothills Branch members who would like to learn more about what’s going on in the branch or contribute their ideas. Join us at the next Branch Council meeting on July 9, 2024.