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Almost Toast - Munter Rappel Goes Bad

The student climbed to the top of one of the pinnacles on the climbing wall and set up for a rappel using a Munter Hitch. He constructed the Munter properly and was checked out at the top by the instructor. Good to go, the student unclipped his personal anchor and began his descent. Read more…

It's Too Popular an Area for Trundling to Ever Be an Option

June 16, The Tooth (Snoqualmie Pass)

After a fun climb of The Tooth, a football-sized rock was knocked loose when a rappeller weighed the tree-root anchor that was touching the rock. Read more…

This Handhold Was Not So Solid

August 10, Gothic Peak (Barlow Pass)

Near the bottom of the summit block on Gothic Peak, the last scrambler in line fell a short distance and hurt her side. Read more…

Snowshoeing in Steep Terrain

December 30, 2012 - Snoqualmie Mountain Read more…

Collision While Doing a "Running" Rappel

This incident was a close call because fortunately no injury occurred.  Read more…

Incident Reporting

Ever wonder what happens when you report an incident? What happens to the information supplied, when should you report an incident, and what information is needed?  Read more…

Bumpy Waters lead to a 3-Capsize Paddle

Gale force winds from the NW were forecasted so our kayak trip was changed to Hope Island in Skagit Bay, hoping for some protection from the NW wind. Read more…

Quick Reminder - September. Hibox. Hornets.

A lovely September day for a scramble of Hibox, and
nothing very important, just that we encountered:

multiple hornet nests
with multiple hornets
stinging multiple scramblers
multiple times