Climbing Curriculum Committee Interest Form

If you are interested in volunteering as a member of the organization-wide Climbing Curriculum Committee, fill out this form and we will forward it to the volunteer committee chair so they can review it and respond. This committee invites a total of 7 new members to join annually for a 2-year term.

The Climbing Curriculum Committee will review existing courses and revise curriculum such that all courses by the same name are teaching the same, agreed-upon curriculum. This is the first and most critical objective. Once curriculum is standardized the committee will assess where our course selection is leaving gaps in skill progression and leadership development, where our curriculum is creating inefficiencies, and where our course selection is failing to meet the needs of aspiring climbers and aspiring leaders. The committee will work with the Leadership Progression Design Group to ensure our course curriculum provides the necessary leadership development training, and will also work with the Equivalency Staff to assess opportunities for reciprocity with partner organizations. Subsequent to these assessments, the committee will propose new courses including short-course modules that are directly compatible with our longer courses and potentially reciprocal with courses offered elsewhere, to better meet the diverse needs of our students. The committee will propose curriculum changes to courses as needed to close skill progression gaps, reduce skill progression duplication, and improve efficiency in course delivery. Additionally, the committee will develop a system whereby leaders and course chairs can make curriculum recommendations.

Thank you for your interest!

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