How to Categorize Blog Posts with Tags

How to Categorize Blog Posts with Tags

Learn about the tags we use on our website to categorize blog posts so they they show up in the right places.

About Tags

Using tags to categorize blog posts gives us more flexibility in the way we present them, and allows us to easily add and remove blog posts from different areas on the site. It's designed to be a better experience for our website admins and our website visitors. 

To add or remove tags when creating or editing a blog post, visit the “Categorization” tab and choose from the tags below.

A few quick but important notes on tags

  • Tags are CASE SENSITIVE. They should start with the first letter of each word always capitalized.
  • Tags are a “type ahead” field. When you capitalize the first letter and start typing a tag, it will show up in a list below if it already exists in our system. 
  • Always select an existing tag when possible. Tags are used site wide to categorize blogs, events, activities, etc. Over the last year we’ve come up with the tags that make sense for us to keep moving forward. For the most part you shouldn’t need to create a new tag.

Choosing the Right Tags

Our blog categories are collections of blog posts based on the tags they contain. Here’s the new blogs and their relevant tags.

Books & Magazine: BeWild, Books, Braided River, Magazine, Publications

Branches: This is a collection of blogs linking to our branch level blogs. For each individual branch, use: 

  • Bellingham: All Branches, Bellingham Branch
  • Everett: All Branches, Everett Branch
  • FoothillsAll Branches, Foothills Branch
  • Kitsap: All Branches, Kitsap Branch
  • Olympia: All Branches, Olympia Branch
  • Seattle: All Branches, Seattle Branch
  • Tacoma: All Branches, Tacoma Branch

Conservation & Stewardship: Access, Advocacy, Conservation & Stewardship, Environmental Impact Statement, Hot Button Conservation, Stewardship, Trail Maintenance, Weed Watchers

Courses & Activities: 20-30 Somethings, Advanced Climbing, Aid Climbing, Alpine Climbing, Avalanche Safety, Backcountry Skiing, Backpacking, Baker Lodge, Basic Alpine Climbing, Bicycling, Camping, Canoeing, Carpooling, Climbing, Climbing Walls, Courses, Crevasse Rescue, Cross-country Skiing, Dancing, Day Hiking, Exploring Nature, Folk Dancing, Getting Started, Glacier Skiing/Snowboarding, Glacier Travel, Global Adventures, Intermediate Alpine Climbing, Mountaineering, Naturalists, Navigation, Photography, Rock Climbing, Sailing, Scrambling, Sea Kayaking, Skiing/Snowboarding, Skills, Snow Sports, Sport Climbing, Stand Up Paddling, Telemark Skiing, Ten Essentials, Trad Climbing, Trail Maintenance, Trail Running, Trekking, Whitewater Kayaking.

Events: Events, Irish Cabin Events, Kitsap Forest Theater, New Member Events, Offsite Events, Private Events, Programs & Meetings, Public Events, Social Events.

History: History

Home Page: Use Home Page for  blogs when they’re org-wide, important to a branch, or need additional promotion. Events tagged to the home page must be open to the public.

Members: 10 Essential Questions, Board of Directors, Contest, Donors, Elections, Impact Stories, Members, Membership.

Outdoor Centers: works like branches, with blogs for each center.

  • Baker Lodge Blog: Baker Lodge
  • Kitsap Cabin & Forest Theater: Kitsap Cabin, Kitsap Forest Theater
  • Meany Lodge: Meany Lodge
  • Stevens Lodge: Stevens Lodge

Safety: Risk Management, Safety

Technology: Technology, Website

Virtual: Virtual (for online events and activities that are open to the public)

Volunteers: Volunteer with Youth, Volunteers, Volunteers Needed

Youth & Family: Explorers, Family Activities, MAC, Mountain Workshop, Pioneers, Qualified Youth Leader, Volunteer with Youth, Youth, Youth & Family, Youth Outreach

If you use one of the tags listed, your blog will show up in the related collection. Want it to show up in more than one spot? Use more than one tag!