Variable Friction Descender


Variable Friction Descender

The holder of this badge has shown proficiency in using a variable friction descender, most often used in canyoning.

Description of Skills

This badge is granted to individuals who have demonstrated proficiency in using a variable friction descender, such as a Petzl Pirana, a CanyonWerks Critr, an Edelrid Hannibal, a Sterling ATS, or a Blue Gnome Sqwurel. The holder has demonstrated:

  • Safe loading of the device
  • Ability to articulate the various settings and their application
  • Ability to adjust friction mid-rappel with the device
  • Ability to lock of the device to go hands-free

What does this badge allow me to do?

This badge is required to participate in Mountaineers canyoning trips, and is a pre-requisite for many advanced canyoning courses.

How do i get this badge?

This badge can be acquired through most beginning canyon courses. Those with prior experience can demonstrate proficiency to a Mountaineers Canyon Leader or Assistant Leader to receive the badge.