Sea Kayaking Equivalency Application

Click here if you have sufficient skill and experience with sea kayaking such that you may be eligible for equivalency. This would grant you the ability to register for trips with us without taking a Mountaineers course. If you are sure you can be a contributing member of an on-the-water group of kayakers, including assisting with rescues, fill out this application and one of our committees will review it and contact you.

Basic Sea Kayaking Course

Thank you for expressing your interest in paddling with The Mountaineers. To do so requires either that you successfully complete the Basic Sea Kayaking Course (normally held by branches in the winter/spring so that trips can be taken in the summer) or show that you have the equivalent skills, knowledge, and equipment that we expect of one of our Basic Sea Kayaking Course graduates. This application describes and starts the process of determining course equivalency.

  • Fill out and submit this application.
  • A Mountaineers representative will get in touch with you to discuss the application.  
  • Join the mountaineers, if not already a member.

You'll then need to satisfy one of the following three alternatives:

    1. Your application documents that you have taken a sea kayaking course that meets or exceeds the requirements for the Mountaineer’s Basic Sea Kayaking Course. A committee member must be able to verify this information to their satisfaction.
    2. Provide evidence that you hold an ACA Level 2, BCU 2-star Sea Kayak  skill award or instructor certification issued or updated within the last two years.
    3. You can demonstrate the ability to perform a wet exit, a self rescue (re-entry), and both roles of an assisted rescue. You must be able to paddle forward, backwards, stop, and turn your boat. Many of our branches and volunteers arrange evaluation "trips," for which a fee may be involved. You must also be able to answer rudimentary questions in the areas of tides, currents, marine weather, and hypothermia.

    After satisfactorily completing one of the three alternatives above, a branch representative will review with you pertinent information contained in our Sea Kayaking minimum standards, how to sign up for a trip, and how trips are run. You must successfully complete a club-sponsored basic level trip of at least seven miles in length, including demonstration of wet exits, self and assisted rescues, and subsequently be approved by the branch committee.

    • If you will be satisfying item 3 above, please DO NOT register online for any associated Equivalency Test until notified. This helps us coordinate efficiently with our volunteers.

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