Basic Sailing Course Student


Basic Sailing Course Student

This badge represents that someone has enrolled in The Sailing Course and is in the process of learning its skills.

Description of skills

The holder of this badge is enrolled in our Sailing Course and is in the process of completing its requirements. To successfully complete this course, students must demonstrate proficiency in these skills:

    • Rig a sloop-rigged sailboat
    • Assist in departing from and arriving at a dock under power
    • Understand basic personal gear requirements and safety practices for sailing under conditions which may be encountered during Mountaineers sails
    • Be able to function as a crew member during a sail
    • Have a basic understanding of charts and navigation aids

what does this badge allow me to do?

  • Participate in lectures, field trip and optional activities that are part of our Sailing Course
  • Participate as a crew member on Sailing trips


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