Crosscut Sawyer


Crosscut Sawyer

The holder of this badge has demonstrated safe usage of a crosscut saw for purposes of trail maintenance.

Description of Skills

 The holder of this badge has demonstrated safe crosscut sawing techniques, including knowledge of: 

  • Proper Personal Protective Equipment for sawing
  • Proper individual or team transport of a saw to and from the work site
  • Site and hazards evaluation
  • Maintaining current First Aid and CPR certifications

What does this badge allow me to do?

Participate in a crosscut saw project within a Mountaineers Stewardship and Conservation event.

The Mountaineers' use of the Crosscut Saw will conform with the US Forest Service National Saw Policy, a policy for training and use of cross-cut saws.  The national saw directive standardizes training, evaluation, certification, and safety procedures for sawyers operating on lands managed by the agency.  Mountaineer led sawyer training and certified sawyers meet applicable training and field proficiency requirements and can competently saw at the identified skill level by a certifying official based on the requisite sawyer evaluator recommendation.  

How do I get this badge?

The Olympia Branch offers a certification or recertification class for crosscut sawing.  An up to date First Aid and CPR card is required to receive the badge.  This class follows the format recommended by the US Forest Service as well as other backcountry trail work associations and is good for 3 years.

Contact the Olympia Conservation and Stewardship chair more information about the next class.