Seattle Branch Wonderland Trail Section Hiker


Seattle Branch Wonderland Trail Section Hiker

A profile badge awarded for backpacking the entire Wonderland Trail in sections.

About The Award

Backpack all 93 miles of the Wonderland Trail in up to 5 sections to earn the Wonderland Trail Section Hiker badge for your profile.

How To Obtain

Backpack the full Wonderland Trail in no more than 5 sections.  All sections except one must be done as overnight backpacking trips, with the remaining section done as either an overnight backpacking trip or day trip.

The trips can be private with non-Mountaineers team members.  The trips must be done in accordance with Leave No Trace principles and Mt. Rainier National Park policies, including the use of valid permits, proper food storage, acceptable food-caching/resupply practices, etc.


Contact the Seattle Backpacking Committee chair.  For each section include the starting and ending dates, starting and ending trailheads, and the names of the other people in your party.  If any sections were done as a Club trip, also include the leader’s name and branch.  Please list your sections geographically instead of chronologically, with  adjacent sections next to each other.