Seattle 100 Classic Hikes Washington


Seattle 100 Classic Hikes Washington

This award recognizes hikers who have completed 100+ hikes from "100 Classic Hikes: Washington."

About the Award

This award recognizes hikers from any branch who have completed 100+ hikes in the three editions of Mountaineers Books 100 Classic Hikes: Washington

How to Obtain

Eligible hikes are found in one or more editions of the book:

Click here for eligible hikes listed alphabetically and by region. 

You must have completed the hikes while a member in good standing of The Mountaineers. Private hikes do count, but party size must have been two or more, and each hiker must have been adequately equipped with the Ten Essential Systems. Badge applicants will submit a list or spreadsheet of completed hikes with the following information: 

  • The date(s) of your Mountaineers membership (e.g., Apr 1998 to Aug 2010, or since Sep 2018)
  • Date of hike
  • Name of hike as it appears in the books
  • If a Mountaineers trip, a link to the activity from your profile, or the sponsoring branch and the name of the trip leader
  • If a private trip, name of one other participant who could confirm your completion of the hike 

Note: several routes in the books are backpack trips, and others may be abandoned due to unreachable trailheads or turnaround points. Please hike safely and within your abilities. Several trips in the 1st and 2nd editions were written up without the benefit of GPS and modern altimeters – your actual distance and elevation gain may vary. This will not affect your successful completion of the hike, as long as you reach the turnaround point.


Send a list or spreadsheet of at least 100 Classic trips to the current chair of the Seattle Hiking Committee, who will forward it to a designated volunteer for evaluation. Assuming the information is in good order, you’ll be awarded the badge and we’ll notify your branch chair of your achievement!