Olympia Branch North Cascades Lakes


Olympia Branch North Cascades Lakes

A pin and badge earned for hiking to 12 alpine lakes in the North Cascades. Party Size must be 2 or more and adequate equipment including the Ten Essentials must be carried.

About the award

Earn a pin to wear and a badge for your profile for hiking to 12 of these alpine lakes in the North Cascades.

Peek a Boo Lake 111 4,300 ft
Crystal Lake 111 4,485 ft
Round Lake 111 5,600 ft
Goat Lake 111 3,162 ft
Twin Lakes 143 4,350 ft
Silver Lake 143 4,350 ft
Cutthroat Lakes 110, 142 4,500 ft
North Lake 110 5,070 ft
Greider Lake 142 2,900 ft
Boulder Lake 143 3,800 ft
Blanca Lake 143 4,600 ft
Minotaur Lake 144 5,500 ft
Valhalla Lake 144 5,100 ft
Merritt Lake 145 5,003 ft
Heather Lake 144 3,953 ft

How to obtain

Hike to at least 12 of the 15 listed hikes as a Mountaineer member. List the date of your hike and your hiking partner(s).


See the Olympia Awards & Peak Pins page for contact and awards presentation details.