Everett Branch Larry Ingalls Distinguished Service Award


Everett Branch Larry Ingalls Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award recognizes Everett Mountaineers who have served prodigiously in volunteer and leadership roles that are so vital to the Branch legacy.


About the award

The Distinguished Service Award is given to an Everett Branch member who has exemplified the ideals of volunteerism to the Mountaineers. The recipients have been active not only in specific committee activities but are noticeably involved with many areas of the Branch, typically for years. The selection process is not easy as many members are dedicated and give greatly of themselves to the betterment of the Everett Mountaineers and our programs.

The Branch Service Award was established in 1975, but the first award was not presented until 1984 and has been awarded annually ever since. The perpetual plaque, with names added each  year is displayed prominently at the Mountaineers Program Center. A personal plaque that the recipient can keep indefinitely is also presented.

Any member of the Everett Mountaineers except the Branch Chair is eligible for the Service Award.

The Award was dedicated to Larry Ingalls in 2006.



The recipient was originally selected by the Executive Committee. However, it soon became evident that the nominees under consideration were often among those deliberating the selection. To alleviate that awkwardness, in 1991 the selection process was handed over to an independent Awards Committee.

Members of the Executive Committee (Branch Council) may propose candidates  by submitting nominations to the Branch Chair when requested. A statement of the nominee contributions and/or service record is the preferred format. Nominations are kept by the Branch Chair for several years. Those from recent years are turned over to the Award Committee for the final selection.

The Branch Chair appoints the Award Committee, not including any of the nominees, to choose the recipient. The Award Committee is expected to research the nominations, choose a recipient, and prepare a written summary of the recipient's history in the Mountaineer and contributions to the Branch.

 Identity of the recipient is traditionally kept secret until the Awards Banquet in the fall.


2023 Andy Tangsombatvisit
2020 Jodi Stebbins
2019 Brian Booth
2018 Louis Coglas
2017 Bruce Wolverton
2016 Doris Hatton
2015 Bernadette Lamarca
2014 Evy Dudey
2013 Matt Vadnal
2012 Jack Lamont
2011 Tony Tsuboi
2010 Lyle Harvey
2009 Russell Dills
2008 Carrie Strandell
2007 Sherri Chisarik (Engvall)   
2006 Sandra Ingalls & Raphil Hasegawa
2005 Neil Johnson
2004 Jack Bennett
2003 Joellyn Jackson
2002 Larry Ingalls
2001 Ron Smith
2000 Roy Metzgar
1999 Dana Miller
1998 Andy Boos
1997 Connie Bennett
1996 Forrest Clark
1995 Dennis Miller
1994 Gail McClary
1993 Larry Longley
1992 Jerry Thompson
1991 Dianne Duffy
1990       Ted Case, Jr.
1989 Don Heck
1988 Dolores Wagner
1987 Steve Phillip
1986 Henry Kral
1985 Dorothy Phillip
1984 Bill Iffrig



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