Bellingham Branch Baker's Dozen


Bellingham Branch Baker's Dozen

An award for climbing peaks all near the dominant landmark of Mount Baker. It's called the "Baker's Dozen" because to earn it you must climb any 13 peaks on the list. Outside of Mount Baker itself and the famously scenic Mount Shuksan, these summits are all relatively obscure.

About the Award

Climbing any 13 peaks on this list is a serious mountaineering objective. Virtually no summits here are walk-ups or even scrambles, and most involve crossing glaciers or steep snowfields. There are also a number of epic bushwhacking approaches to some of the more remote peaks, and one of them, Canadian Border Peak, is across the border in Canada.

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How to Obtain

Climb any 13 of the 18 of the peaks on this list while a current member of The Mountaineers. The climbs must be made in accordance with the Climbing Code. The climbs can be private trips and with non-Mountaineers team members.


Contact the Bellingham Branch Chair.