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Terri Schneider


Renowned adventure racer, triathlete, and ultrarunner TERRI SCHNEIDER is highly acclaimed as a top female multi-sport endurance athlete and as an inspirational and sought after speaker, author, and coach. She has raced in over 30 countries as a world-class professional triathlete for twelve years and an elite international adventure racer since the sport's inception in the U.S. in 1995. Terri has shared her personal experiences, research, and expertise through her work as a coach and as the invited speaker at a long list of events, as well as with national and international audiences on the Discovery Channel, USA Network, high-profile talk shows, news segments, and in popular fitness and outdoor publications.

Terri earned her Masters degree in Sports Psychology with an emphasis on team dynamics and risk taking and her Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Physiology. Known for her charismatic speaking style, Terri draws on her advanced scholarship as well as her extensive athletic experience to create dynamic, informative, and often life-changing presentations on topics such as team building, motivation, risk taking, goal setting, and leadership. She has been a featured speaker for various organizations including market-leading corporations such as Tyson Foods, Wal-Mart, and Seagate.

Terri co-authored Triathlete's Guide to Mental Training and contributed to two additional books: Applying Sport Psychology: From Researcher and Consultant to Coach and Athlete and The Thrill of Victory, the Agony of My Feet: Tales from the Wild and Wonderful World of Adventure Racing. In addition to her speaking, and writing she offers coaching, online training, and sport psychology consulting for endurance athletes.

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