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Bruce Grubbs

BRUCE GRUBBS has been hiking, backpacking, and exploring the American Southwest for 35 years. He is a mountain biker, kayaker, cross-country skier, and has had a climbing career as well. He has experience doing desert mountaineering expeditions and still prefers long-distance, cross-country backpacking in the Grand Canyon and other remote desert areas. He co-wrote Hiking Arizona for Falcon in 1986 and since then is the author of thirteen other titles for Falcon. Grubbs has been published in Backpacker Magazine, in Know How, and Weekend Wilderness columns. He was the outdoor editor for "Flagstaff Live," a local arts and entertainment weekly for two years and is currently a contributing editor for The Sojourner, the online magazine of the Adventure Radio Society. He had a regular column in Outdoor Arizona, a now defunct regional magazine in the late 1960s and was the Southwest editor of Off Belay during the early 1970s.
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