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Beth Evans-Ramos


BETH EVANS-RAMOS loves to reinvent things -- her life, her clothes, and found objects she finds in her travels.  In her late 50's she proclaims that, "I'm on a journey to live a simpler life.  Easier said than done

She says that she finds so many things darn interesting, and her list of places she hopes to travel just keeps growing. She constantly meets fascinating new people she want to know better. Beth enjoys the hunt and thrill of finding vintage stuff. And then keeping it! She says that she is working particularly hard on not hoarding. Living a greener life is the road she's on. Selling ideas (instead of stuff) through public speaking, workshops and consulting is her current focus.

Previously, she co-owned Salvage Studio. Did the retail thing. Did the book thing.  Did the filling my house and garage to over-flowing with really good junk thing. Currently, she is a wife, mother and grandma. She lives in the Seattle, Washington area, and has recently moved into a small eco village of green-built homes.

Get tips on crafting, living green and follow along with Beth's latest musings on her blog, Beth Evans-Ramos.

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