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Amy Duncan


AMY DUNCAN has a long history of artistic and ecological endeavors. While studying economics and natural resource management at the University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point, she dismantled everything from one wall of her dorm room to create an 8x7-foot collage, comprised entirely of magazine ads. She has taught the skills of one-match fire building and the strength of self-reliance from Wisconsin to Wyoming to Germany and, over the years, has indulged her artistic tendencies by tackling basket weaving, papermaking, textile construction, dressmaking, and vegetarian cooking. Eighteen years spent in non-profit management helped hone her resourcefulness as she developed programs for children and adults on a shoestring budget, making the best use of materials at hand, cultivating available community resources, and mixing in no small amount of ingenuity.

In an effort to blend her ecological concern with her artistic flair, in 1999 she started Four Corners Design, a handcrafted greeting card and décor company; many of her products use recycled materials, combined in simple collage designs. Her hunt for interesting bits of flotsam from other's castoffs led her to meet Beth Evans-Ramos at an estate sale, which eventually led to the creation of The Salvage Studio.

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