Equity & Inclusion Working Session - July 15

We face unique challenges as a volunteer-led organization with 14,000 members from varied backgrounds and life experiences. We’d like to invite you to join us on July 15 in Tacoma for a discussion about these challenges and areas of opportunity. Please RSVP.
21 ( 45 capacity)

Thank you for your interest in joining us for a working session to discuss inequities in our internal systems and processes. We aspire to offer outdoor opportunities for all, and your feedback is a critical part of creating equitable solutions.

The meeting will take place from 6:30pm-9pm in the main hall at our Tacoma Program Center, and we are committed to starting and ending on time. Members and nonmembers are welcome, with the majority of our time focusing on systems and processes internal to The Mountaineers. Food and beverages will be provided, with gluten free, vegan, and vegetarian options available. Prior to the meeting, we ask you to review some pre-workshop "homework" (below). Our agenda is also outlined for your information. 

We want you to be aware that the conversation may make some people feel uncomfortable and the work may seem un productive or slow moving at times. However, as we’ve engaged in this work, we have learned that progress cannot always be measured on a linear scale, and it’s important for us to hold space for community conversations. The overall goal of this working session is to lead with openness to discuss where we have the opportunity and ability to make positive changes. We may come away from this session with a clear direction and ideas, or we may not, but it’s important to continue these conversations and work together to make The Mountaineers an equitable and inclusive space for all.  


Since we are a diverse group in terms of our experiences, and because our workshop is interactive, we’d like for everyone to have a baseline understanding of how systems of privilege impact our engagement with one another and within The Mountaineers. To prepare for robust discussions and fruitful reflection, here are a few assignments to engage with prior to the workshop. These are not required, but the principles explored in the resources may be discussed. As you engage with these materials, we encourage you to consider your unconscious bias what privileges you bring with you into The Mountaineers:


  • Introductions (45 mins)
  • Overview of E&I efforts to date (15mins)
  • Group reflection on areas of opportunity (30 mins)
  • Deep dive into specific opportunity areas (45 mins)
  • Debrief & Next Steps (15 mins)
Tacoma Program Center
2302 N 30th St, Tacoma, WA 98403
Great Hall