Pack Shakedown - Mountaineers Tacoma Program Center

Lecture: Introduction to Backpacking

Pack Shakedown - Mountaineers Tacoma Program Center

Learn how you can reduce your pack weight with a pack shakedown!

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Tacoma Program Center in the upstairs classroom between 6 and 9pm. 

Does your pack feel too heavy? Are you not sure what exactly you should bring on your upcoming trip? We've got you covered with a pack shakedown! 

In this clinic you will be able to sign up for a time slot to meet with one of our leaders one-on-one and we'll go through your pack contents together. At the beginning we'll weigh your pack and as we evaluate what you plan to bring on an overnight trip, we'll provide some suggestions on what you can leave at home, budget-friendly lighter options to consider, and you can watch us pack our pack to get some ideas on how you might want to revise your packing strategy to conserve pack space and lighten your load even further. 

At the end of your time, we'll weigh your re-packed load to see how much weight you shaved! 

Sign up for a time slot for your pack shakedown here!


Mountaineers Tacoma Program Center

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

Your overnight pack with all the contents you plan to pack with on a trip.

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