Intermediate Alpine Climbing Program - Tacoma - 2022

Climbing Course

Intermediate Alpine Climbing Program

Take your alpine climbing to the next level


The Tacoma Intermediate Alpine Climbing Program consists of mountaineering training in alpine environments to help students develop the skills needed to serve as rope leaders on basic climbs and swing leads on routes at the Intermediate level (trad rock routes at 5.6/5.7, and/or ~55-degree snow/alpine ice).

In 2020 the Tacoma Intermediate Program is divided into two tracks or modules that focus on either (1) rock climbing or (2) glacier/alpine climbing. Both modules require a substantial personal commitment (see schedules below). Enrollment is limited to 12 dedicated students per module. The 2022 schedule is reproduced below.


1). Member of the Mountaineers

2). 18 years old or older

3). Completion of the Tacoma Program Center Basic Climbing Course or equivalent

4). Pass the qualifier practical exam

5). Pass the qualifier conditioning exam



Qualifier exams: $0

Rock module: $300

Glacier/Alpine module: $385


Additional courses required for graduation:

AIARE (required for glacier module): Cost ca. ~$325

Wilderness First Aid (if not yet completed): Cost ca. ~$275


Financial aid is available through The Mountaineers. Click on the link for more information:

Application instructions: Application is free. If accepted into the course, registration payment is due by February 3rd, 2022.

Application ends on 12/10/2021. Contact leaders for additional information.



Course Schedules:

Qualifier practical exam: 1/15/22

Qualifier conditioning exam: Submit Mt Si conditioner climb 

Welcome night (both modules): 2/3/22

 2/16/2022 Alpine L1
2/26/2022 Alpine FT1
3/2/2022 Alpine L2
3/12/2022 Alpine FT2
4/6/2022 Rock L1
4/16/2022 Rock FT1.1
4/17/2022 Rock FT1.2
4/27/2022 Rock L2
4/30/2022 Rock FT2.1
5/1/2022 Rock FT2.2
5/4/2022 Rescue Methods L1
5/7/2022 Rescue Methods FT1
8/10/2022 Alpine L3 (Ice)
8/20/2022 Alpine FT3.1
8/21/2022 Alpine FT3.2
9/7/2022 Alpine L4 (Ice)
9/17/2022 Alpine FT4.1
9/18/2022 Alpine FT4.2


Basic Course Field Trip Instruction Requirements:

See the basic climbing course for dates.

 Field trip 1 prep: Required by both modules

Field trip 1:   Required by both modules

Field trip 2:   Required by both modules

Field trip 3:   Required by Glacier module

Field trip 4 prep:   Required by Glacier module

Field trip 4:  Required by Glacier module

Field trip 5:   Required by Glacier module

Field trip 6:   Required by Rock module

Field trip 7:   Required by Rock module

Field trip 8:   Required by Rock module

Field trip 9:   Required by Rock module

Course Requirements

This course has no scheduled activities.

Required Equipment

All equipment required for the basic course, plus:

See the course manual for gear requirements for the two modules.


Course Materials

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