Rock Field Trip Instructor Clinic


Rock Field Trip Instructor Clinic - Mountaineers Tacoma Program Center

Build technical skills you will need as an instructor on rock field trips.

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  • Tue, Mar 27, 2018
  • Tacoma Climbing Subcommittee - Climbing Walls
  • Climbing
  • Rock Climb
  • Adults
  • Moderate

6 - 9pm, Tacoma Program Center

New to working as an instructor at a Basic or Intermediate course rock field trip? Looking for techniques to enhance your competence and efficiency as an instructor?
During this three-hour clinic, designed especially for new rock field trip instructors, you will learn the following: selecting appropriate personal gear for instructing at the crag (instructor rope, ascent/descent devices, personal lanyard, etriers etc); building bomber anchors with a static rope or runners using trees, boulders and fixed gear; safety practices when approaching, setting up or working around the top of the crag; technical systems for efficiently ascending, descending and parking on an instuctor rope; safe and efficient transitions from parking, ascending or descending on an instructor rope.
Instructor: Gregg J; Gagliardi
Date: March 27, 2018; 6-9 pm.
Location: Tacoma Program Center
Prerequisites: Graduation from, or current enrollment in, a Mountaineers Intermediate Alpine Climbing Course
Fee: $25.
For more details, including the clinic handout, email:

Mountaineers Tacoma Program Center

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

Gear: Harness, helmet, belay device (ATC Guide preferred but others that
work in guide mode are okay), prussiks, autoblock loop, large HMS locker (for
use with belay device), round stock HMS locker (e.g., Petzl Attaché), 2
ordinary locking biners, 2 double length runners each w/ 2 non-locking biners,
personal lanyard/tether (e.g., Metolius PAS; no daisies unless all loops are full
strength, cordellete, oval locker and small rescue pulley.
Other gear: Bring any ascending devices that own (e.g., Tibloc, Ropeman,
Kong Duck, Roll N Lock, Micro Traxion, handled ascenders, etc.). Also bring
any assisted braking devices that you own (e.g., Gri Gri, Cinch, Alpine Up,
Mega Jul, etc.).
NOTE: There is no need to purchase new devices. The major goal of the clinic
is to teach you how to best use the gear that you already own. Another goal is
to allow you to try out some gear that you don't own.

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