Seattle Urban Walk Leader: Pedestrian Safety Module - Online


Seattle Urban Walk Leader: Pedestrian Safety Module - Online - Online Classroom

A virtual online 1.5 hour Urban Walk Leader: Pedestrian Safety Module for Mountaineers interested in earning an Urban Walk Leader Badge and leading Urban Walk activities. Urban Walks are outings of two miles or longer that take place on city or suburban streets, parks or greenbelts, where there is consistent cell phone service and nearby emergency access and egress points.

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This zoom session will run from 6:00 to 7:30 pm.  Link will be sent shortly before the session.

This module is for Mountaineers who are interested in leading Urban Walks and earning the Urban Walk Leader Badge. The session will focus on preparing leaders to lead Urban Walks that anticipate and manage risks and opportunities unique to leading in the urban and suburban settings.

A portion of the session is dedicated to reviewing, real-life, pedestrian safety scenarios typical of those that Urban Walk Leaders may encounter.

A collection of reference materials for use by prospective Urban Walk leaders will be provided by email. Participants are encouraged to review these documents before the seminar.

You can find the Urban Walk Badge information page here:


participants will earn:

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

None required for this training. Those who lead both hikes and urban walks may find the Hiking Safety Handbook useful.

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