December GoWalk!  Urban Walks: 2 to 5 miles, 200 to 450 feet of elevation gain

Field trip: GoWalk!: Beginner Urban Walking Series

December GoWalk! Urban Walks: 2 to 5 miles, 200 to 450 feet of elevation gain - Meadowbrook Pond and Thornton Creek

GoWalk! December L2 Urban Walks are low-stress activities to help you determine where you are in terms of gear, the pace (1.5 - 2 mph) and distance you can now complete comfortably, and what your season goals for conditioning and walking are, so that you can determine what level of walks and pace would be the best fit for you.

  • Easy/Moderate
  • Moderate
  • Mileage: 4.1 mi
  • Elevation Gain: 600 ft

Meet at the corner of NE 98th St and SR 522 shortly before 6pm geared up and ready to walk.

Participation in 1 Urban Walk per month is required for all GoWalk! participants.

L2 urban walks will be offered in December and will open for registration on the first  Friday,  November 3 at 12:00 pm. Participants are encouraged to register for a second urban walk Friday, November 10 at 12:00 pm

Thornton Creek has the largest watershed of any Seattle Creek. We explore the lower portion in this night walk with headlamps.  See Seattle Stairway Walks, trip #5, Maple Leaf and Thornton Creek, for a rich description of the walk.  Seattle Walks also provides descriptions of the watershed.


Matthews Beach & Thornton Creek

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

You will receive a Hello Walker email from your trip leader prior to your selected urban walk that will provide you with details for the outing that you selected.

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