Igloo Building Course - Seattle - 2024

Snowshoeing Course

Igloo Building / Winter Camping Course

The Igloo making Course is designed for Mountaineers members who want to take their winter camping skills to the next level. Learn how to make an Igloo, using minimal tools.

What to Expect in the Course

This course will cover how to make an igloo, and the tools necessary to build an igloo.  We will be teaching a hybrid method, developed to improve the process and shorten the time needed to build a successful igloo.

 The course consists of:

  • One Lecture, dry land training on igloo making - focusing on a hybrid method, that eases and speeds the process. Reviewing the tools and methods of use, a quick review of winter gear, kitchen setup, meals, etc. If time allows we will discuss how to make a snowsaw for igloo building (it is different than what is commercially available).  This is also an excellent opportunity to meet other campers for setting up carpools and small groups for gear sharing (Bear canisters, stoves, filters, pots, etc.)
  • One online Trip Preview session, review and look at weather, avalanche, and other conditions.  Answer questions about the Field Trip, gear, and other last-minute issues.
  •  One Field Trip,    Friday (all day) through Saturday afternoon.  We will begin by snowshoeing a moderately short distance to the campsite. We will group up and drop gear, review the process, and then turn our focus to constructing igloos in small groups. The Instructor will be on hand to offer guidance and advice.

Please note you must sign up for the Lecture and Field Trip weekend (Friday/Saturday).   The location could change- finalization will be determined as the date approaches. 

Gear: In addition to snowshoeing, and winter overnight gear,  each individual will need to bring a  shovel, snow saw (some are available from the instructor), and a good work ethic. 

You can source by rental, borrowing, or purchasing the necessary gear (bear canister, sleeping bag, sleeping pad(s), cook stove (fuel), pan(s), utensils, and such clothing as needed to be well prepared for the overnight stay. 

Prerequisites: Completion of the Winter camping course and Basic Snowshoeing or equivalency. Alpine Scrambling (with overnight winter experience), Basic Climbing graduates (with overnight winter experience), and Basic Glacier graduates (with overnight winter experience) are also eligible to enroll in this course.

Note that attendance at the lecture is MANDATORY for you to attend the Field Trip

Questions? Email Tad

We encourage participants to carpool for the field trips, as parking can be limited. We do not facilitate carpooling, however, course emails will include information on ways participants may arrange carpooling amongst themselves.

As a starting point please specify your carpool preferences for the field trip when signing up (or edit them later). Then click the link in your Profile to view other students' carpool preferences so that you can organize your own carpooling arrangements.

Before signing up for this course please be sure you have access to a winter-capable vehicle.     Lack of access to adequate transportation for the field trip will not be considered a sufficient reason to refund the course fee.

Financial Assistance

The Mountaineers strives to serve everyone, regardless of ability to pay. We are committed to providing access to outdoor recreation, education and conservation opportunities for all members and youth in the communities we serve. If you would like to take this course and are experiencing financial hardship or limitations, please apply for financial assistance. Here is more information about the Mountaineers Financial Assistance Program.

Course Requirements

This course has no scheduled activities.

Required Equipment

See "Required Equipment" under the field trip description.

Course Materials

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