Youth Kayak Program - Seattle - 2017

Sea Kayaking Program

Youth Kayak Program

Designed with fun and water safety as the primary goals.

As of 6/30/17 the 7-9 year old slot is filled. Please contact Member Services to be added to the waitlist at 206-521-6001.

Games and races are the perfect way to introduce kids to the exciting world of paddle sports. Paddling skills, water safety, and good seamanship are all covered, under the guise of pure fun! Our experienced instructors will teach basic strokes, how to get in and get out of the kayak safely, and what to do when you capsize. 


  • At least one adult family member is a Mountaineers member (not necessarily a member of Sea Kayaking)
  • Your kid is comfortable in water
  • Your kid can swim with life jacket

There are 2 different age category of activity in this program. Please check before registering your kid for this program that the activity for your kid's age group is not full. 

  • July 23, 2017  - Activity for age 10 - 13 years old
  • August 6, 2017 - Activity for age 7 - 9 years old - FULL

 Please also register your kid  in one of the activity appropriate for his/her age after registering him/her in this program.

Gear rental will be available at Lake Sammamish through Kayak Academy. Rental equipment is $45 and includes paddle, kayak (or sit on top), life jacket and short wetsuit. To rent a kayak and other equipment please contact Kayak Academy  206-527-1825

Program Requirements

This program has no scheduled activities.

Required Equipment

Kayak (or sit on top), paddle and life jacket. Goggle and nose plug  or mask is not necessary but if they will make more comfortable under water, please bring them.

To rent a kayak and other equipment please contact Kayak Academy  206-527-1825


Program Materials

There are no materials for this program.