Sea Kayak Navigation (on land) - Mountaineers Seattle Program Center

Lecture: Sea Kayak Navigation

Sea Kayak Navigation (on land) - Mountaineers Seattle Program Center

Sea Kayak Navigation, a classroom seminar

  • Casual

Cascade A at 7:00 PM prompt.

The class will cover:

  1. ability to read a marine chart, 
  2. determine latitude and longitude, 
  3. calculate paddle distances,
    1. calculate magnetic and true north courses (heading)
    2. magnetic bearing between two points on the chart
    3. calculate the magnetic bearing to three landmarks that would help determine when you are at a specific point on the chart, 
    4. how aids to navigation will appear on the water, 
    5. identify where adjustments to heading will need to be made based on wind or currents, 
    6. identify chart symbols for common Open Coastal land features such as rocks and steep cliffs.
    7. identify potential safe landing locations in an Open Coastal area.

    Mountaineers Seattle Program Center

    Required Equipment

    Required Equipment

    Laptop (Window or Mac) or Notebook. Bring the charger along.

    Chart no 1 paper copy or use  NOAA Chart No1 on the web

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