New Hike Leaders Seminar - Seattle - Mountaineers Seattle Program Center

Seminar: New Hike Leaders Seminar

New Hike Leaders Seminar - Seattle - Mountaineers Seattle Program Center

New Hike Leader Seminar - Seattle

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Seattle Program Center, 1pm - 3:30pm, Cascade room

Please read the online course materials prior to the seminar, this will provide the full benefit in our scenarios and leadership style discussions.  The course materials can be found by going into "My Courses & Programs" and click into "New Hiker Leaders Seminar" If you have not already done so, fill out the online leader application form so that we can plan leader seminar content to align with the levels of experience of attendees.

The process to become a hike or backpack (BP) volunteer leader:
1.  Attend a leader seminar/workshop presented by a Mountaineer branch hiking or backpacking committee.
2.  Read the club minimum hiking activity standards and the hike leader's guide and understand and agree to the responsibilities for a hike or backpack leader.
3.  Successfully complete a mentor hike/BP with a current club hike or backpack leader as a co-leader on a scheduled club hike or backpack activity.
4.  Complete the online trip report for the mentor hike/BP activity, then send an email request to be added onto the leader roster of the hiking or backpacking committee(s) as a regular hike leader. In the email to the committee list the dates of: the leader seminar attended and the mentor hike location/date, and include the name of the mentor co-leader.


Mountaineers Seattle Program Center

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Required Equipment


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