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Climbing, Scrambling & Outdoor Leadership Course

Advanced Instructor Training 1: Leadership

Rock climbing instructor training open to Seattle and Everett climbers approved by branch leadership There will be 5 classroom sessions and two field trips (1 day at Vantage, 2 days in the Snoqualmie area)



  • This is a leadership course targeted to trip leaders, experienced instructors, and course coordinators. The focus will be on leadership styles, effective communication, conflict resolution, course planning, trip planning, systems thinking and risk management. 
  • Prerequisites: Activity committee endorsements, and registration is allowed with leader permission only. 

Program Goals:

  • Train educators in industry standards in top rope site management and multi-pitch/alpine rock climbing instruction and group management

  • Establish teaching standards and best practices while running programming

  • Learn how to become an effective leader within the organization

  • Learn and practice teaching styles and philosophy


  • Understand how to effectively deliver educational experiences

  • Understand technical systems and recurring elements at the industry standard

REgistration INFO

There are 10 slots initially reserved for Climb leaders/instructors with the Everett Branch and 10 slots for Seattle climb leaders/instructors. Please contact Tony Tsuboi if you are interested in registering and taking an Everett slot and contact Loni Uchytil for Seattle.

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This course has no scheduled activities.

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