Basic Glacier Travel - Knot Practice

Lecture: Basic Glacier Travel Course

Basic Glacier Travel - Knot Practice - Mountaineers Seattle Program Center

Optional Knots and Prusiking practice, 1:30p-4:30p Goodman A

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  • Sun, Feb 28, 2021
  • Seattle Climbing
  • Urban Adventure
  • Basic Alpine
  • Adults
  • Easy

1:30p-4:30p Goodman A 

Knot & prusiking practice to prepare for the Field Trip #1 (note: you will be evaluated on field trip 1)
If you have any questions contact the leader of this event.
Gear to bring:
> 1 locking carabiner
> 10 foot rope segment you were given
> Hero loop
> Piece of 1/2" or 1" webbing (if you have it)
> Knot list
> Harness
> If you want to practice prusiking up rope, please also bring: helmet, chest harness sling + carabiner, chest and foot prusik, additional locking carabiner, backpack with sling and carabiner.

Knots you can practice:
> Rewoven Figure 8
> Figure 8 on a bight
> Slip knot
> Water knot
> Clove hitch
> Girth hitch
Butterfly rope coil
Double Fisherman
> Butterfly knot
> Munter Hitch
> Klemheist


Mountaineers Seattle Program Center

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

See description above.

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