Canyon Trip Planning - The Mountaineers - 2022

Canyoning Course

Canyon Trip Planning

An online interactive seminar that will demonstrate how to use Ropewiki and Caltopo, along with a number of other apps, to create informed canyon trip plans.

This seminar is designed to give those who have experience as a competent teammate (not a passenger) in aquatic canyons the tools needed to effectively plan for a canyon trip. It assumes you have run multiple aquatic canyons.

It also assumes you understand the fundamentals of canyon ratings, canyon-specific terms, basic navigation, and the ways in which water levels and weather can dramatically impact the canyon experience. If you don’t have this background, we recommend taking the V7 Level 2 course. If you have no canyoning experience, we recommend taking V7 Levels 1 & 2, as well as an in-person canyoning course before taking this online course.

The focus of this seminar is on Pacific Northwest Canyons, but much of the information can be applied nationally or globally.

It focuses on using Ropewiki and Caltopo as tools for planning, as these are the primary tools used in the Pacific Northwest. It also includes templates that leaders can use to communicate to their participants and emergency contacts.

The seminar will cover:

  • Using key Ropewiki features, including waterflow analysis and trip reports
  • Orientation to Caltopo
  • A sample of Caltopo features that are particularly helpful for canyons
  • .gpx and .kml map download and upload
  • Drawing  routes and catchments in Caltopo
  • Snowpack analysis (pro account)
  • Transferring maps from Caltopo to Gaia
  • Additional useful apps covered: Windy, Shademap

This seminar is NOT:

  • A navigation class
  • A comprehensive  tutorial on Caltopo, Gaia, Ropewiki, or any other app
  • A leadership skills course

You can find the instructions on how to access our eLearning website in the Course Materials section. Please email if you experience technical difficulties.

Course Requirements

This course has no scheduled activities.

Required Equipment

You will need a computer with wifi as well as your smartphone. We HIGHLY recommend participating with two screens (eg. a laptop screen and a second monitor). If you do not have two screens, set your computer up for split screen. You will want to open ropewiki and caltopo and follow along with the videos.

Course Materials

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