Alpine Scrambling Course - Seattle - 2016

Scrambling Course

Alpine Scrambling Course

Alpine Scrambling Course - Seattle - 2016

The Alpine Scrambling course teaches essential techniques of off-trail wilderness travel needed for achieving snow and rock summits. Alpine scrambling may at times involve un-roped movement on and across low or moderately-exposed snow and rock terrain, but does not include roped climbing on high-angle, seriously-exposed technical rock faces, nor does it involve roped travel on crevassed glaciers.

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For an in-person overview of the course and an opportunity to discuss details about gear and our activities, come see representatives of the Scramble Committee at the Meet the Mountaineers Evening on January 25th from 6 - 8 PM at the Program Center in Seattle.

Course Details:

To graduate from the course, you must attend ONE session of each of the activities listed below, (Conditioning Hikes are optional but we strongly suggest you take part in as many of the  conditioners offered as you can). 


You must also successfully reach the summit on 3 Alpine Scramble trips by November 1st.   At least one of the summits must be a snow scramble.  Once you have completed the snow field trip you are eligible to go on a snow scramble. Note: A snow scramble and Winter scramble are two different types of trips. You are not eligible for trips marked “Winter” until you have successfully graduated the Alpine Scrambling course. Most Winter scrambles take place from December 1st to April 1st.

You must also sign-up for and complete the "Basic Wilderness Navigation Course" and "Alpine First Aid" courses offered by the Seattle branch or by one of the other branches.  Note that these courses require separate fees. 
Navigation must be complete by mid April 2016.  First aid must be complete by November 15th 2016.


Wilderness Navigation Course   First Aid Courses (AFA and MOFA)

NOTE: With the exception of the first workshop and the first field trip, student sign-up for the Scramble Course workshops and field trips will open up after the first workshop. It is best if you consult your schedule and commit to the dates you have registered for early on in the course to insure you are able to attend the event on the date that works for you.

NOTE:  Past graduates who wish to instruct at the field trips can sign-up right now.

Course Manual:

Please see the 2016 the Scramble Course Manual for detailed information about the requirements for this course. 

Badges you will earn:

Course Requirements

This course has no scheduled activities.

Additional badges needed to graduate


Required Equipment


Course Materials