Wilderness Skills Jan 16

Lecture: Wilderness Skills

Wilderness Skills Jan 16 - St. John’s Episcopal Church, Olympia

The first of two consecutive Saturdays required to graduate from the Wilderness Skills course includes: presentation about the 10 essentials and other day hike gear, demonstration of setup done on an actual unplanned overnight, four daypacks small group show & tell, injury prevention & illness response, nutrition, wilderness ethics, safe water hands-on small group practice, and basic navigation (some loaner compasses available).

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  • For Beginners (Getting Started Series)

We meet at St. John Episcopal Church in the main Parish Hall. Check in and setup is at 7:00 a.m. We start AT 7:30.

AGENDA (Final content and details may vary)

for First Saturday (Wilderness Skills Saturday 1 of 2)


Day 1 Check-in and Setup (Class starts AT 7:30) 7:00 AM
Day 1 Welcome and Overview (including how this course fits w other courses, events and activities, brief LNT mention and framing) 7:30 AM
Wilderness Ethics (Leave No Trace) Also integrated/called out during every other presentation/activity 7:45 AM
Staying Safe and Healthy in the Backcountry: Injury prevention and response 8:15 AM
What could go wrong? Hazards of the backcountry 9:00 AM
Break 9:30 AM
Gear for hikes and overnights: Non-technical gear for day hikes including being safer on an unplanned overnight, what we sub/add for varying conditions,  and what we sub a/o add for planned overnights (Backpacking). Includes what we bring for snow (MicroSpikes, difference between 3 and 4 season tents). 9:45 AM
What's in Your Pack? Intro and Unplanned overnight presentation 10:45 AM
What's in Your Pack? 4 Packs (15m each) Each presenter models their gear progression from day hike to planned overnight (i.e. from daypack with unplanned overnight gear thru what gets subbed/added into a backpack for a planned overnight. Table presenters will model packs full at the start of the day then set up at tables during lunch. Options: unpack major items, but not break out small stuff sacks, instead using a photo collage beside the sack. Each table presenter may bring a gear list. 11:15 AM
What's in Your Pack? Group discussion. 12:15 PM
Day 1 Lunch (bring a lunch to eat at our tables) 12:30 PM
Maps & Compass presentation and table exercises 1:00 PM
Preparing for the Outdoor Workshop: things needed, questions, comments 3:45 PM
Final group exercise (putting away tables and chairs 4:00 PM

St. John’s Episcopal Church, Olympia

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

Be prepared to spend time outside regardless of weather. The majority of activities during the first Saturday will be inside or under cover. It may however not be warm or dry outside.

Students are encouraged to bring a compass if they have one, but some loaner compasses are available. 

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