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First Aid Course

Wilderness First Aid- WFA

A hybrid WFA class with 8 hours of on line self study followed by 8 hours of in-person practice. This class satisfies the First Aid requirement for Basic Climbing and Alpine Scrambling, but does not include CPR/BLS. It is sometimes taught in combination with MOFA(Mountaineering Oriented First Aid.

A 16 hour Wilderness First Aid class taught using Base Medical protocols.  Olympia Scramble and Basic Climbing students given first priority- these students should contact the Leader for early sign-up.  Olympia Leaders with 2 or more club activity leads in the last 12 months can enroll no charge- please contact course Chair.

Badges you will earn:

Course Requirements

This course has no scheduled activities.

Required Equipment

A computer with on-line access for the 8 hour self study portion, and your usual day pack and lunch for the 8 hours of in-person practice.  Come prepared for outside scenarios, regardless of the weather.

Course Materials

There are no materials for this course.