Explorers - Kitsap  2019/2020 - 2019

Youth Program


For youth ages 10-16 who are interested in spending time outdoors to connect with nature, community, and self.

Explorers is a year-round outdoor adventure program for youth ages 10-16 who want to learn new outdoor skills, and make lasting friendships with fellow adventurers. The program and outdoor activities are driven by the participants’ areas of interest. We encourage parents to participate, as this is a great opportunity for you to get outside with your Explorer! The price of Explorers is $50 the first month, with a monthly installments of $65 each month after.

Program Requirements

This program has no scheduled activities.

Additional badges needed to graduate


Required Equipment

To be announced at our information meeting on September 17th and our first meeting on September 21st. 

Program Materials

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