Course Materials

The documents here are useful to understand and are highly recommended reading in addition to the required reading in Burns and Burns. I will add more as I put them together. For compasses, follow the requirements that are contained in the Tacoma Mountaineers document. I have found that some of the specific compass models - Brunton 15TDCL specifically - are not available and may be no longer produced.

USGS Baring Map.pdf

PDF document icon USGS Baring Map.pdf — PDF document, 20.28 MB


PDF document icon USGS_UTM.pdf — PDF document, 28 KB


An additional explanation of the UTM grid system.

PDF document icon ISU-Universal Transverse Mercator System.pdf — PDF document, 136 KB

USFS Map Scales Fact Sheet - FS105-02

Paper describing the various USGS map scales.

PDF document icon Map Scales, Fact Sheet FS105-02, (February 2002).pdf — PDF document, 309 KB

Kitsap Branch Wilderness Navigation Course Outline

Topic outline of the course that covers eLearning and classroom versions of the course. Updated January 2018 to include electronic navigation planning using CALTOPO.

Microsoft Word Document icon Kitsap Wilderness Navigation Course outline.docx — Microsoft Word Document, 86 KB